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In Fookin' Bruges

Pete ( 701 ) · Group: Administrators · Rank: spacer · Posted On: March 15, 2009 at 12:59 PM


Finally! It has arrived! A gangster (well technically hitman) film that doesn't glamourise the hitmen.

Farrell's character really doesn't like Bruges ("I hate fookin' Bruges" being one of the most used lines in the film to good effect) and he breaks down very convincingly in places given his character's unfortunate recent history.

Gleeson is great as ever.

Fiennes - well it's the first time I've seen him swear so much. He makes a fantastic, greasy-looking cockney hitman

"I fought it'd be good to giv the boy sumfink nice".

Oh? You want to know about the film? Okay...

3 hitmen, one medieval European city, 1 drug-dealing babe, 1 dwarf actor, 2 prostitutes, much alcohol, a few drugs here and there, a fair bit of shooting, some happy times, some very down times, some fookin' hilarious moments, some over-the-top blood-spattered bits... and I won't spoil the ending.

It won't be what you're expecting, that's for sure. Go. Watch. Enjoy.

The extras on the DVD are good too - especially enjoyed the "Fookin' Bruges" extra which seems to play every swear word in the film in order. You honestly don't realise they're swearing that much til you watch that.

On a side-note, it always takes me a minute or two to adjust my brain for the faster-than-light Irish-accented dialogue, but maybe that's just me. Wonder if Farrell gets bored of having to slow it down when he does an American accent for American audiences?

Aren't the Asgard supposedly technologically superior?


FullAuto ( 1,042 ) · Group: Administrators · Rank: spacer · Posted On: March 16, 2009 at 06:42 PM


So many quotable lines in it, it's untold. One of the problems with black comedies ("A gay beer, for my gay friend, and a normal beer for me, because I am normal.") is that some people can't appreciate the juxtaposition of nasty stuff and humour ("What's a 50-year old lollipop man doin knowin fuckin karate! What was he, a Chinese lollipop man?"), and so they don't like the film at all, they don't get it.

This may be my sexist reasoning ("Course you can't see, I just shot a blank in your fuckin eyes."), but this mainly seems to be women who can't appreciate that the darkness makes the humour funnier, and the laughs make the darkness more poignant ("What exactly am I trying to say? Youse are a buncha fuckin elephants.").

It's a brilliant little film, alright ("YOU'RE AN INANIMATE FUCKIN OBJECT!!") with some good acting, gruesome and/or funny violence, and some really good though sad little moments.

I think it's fair to say that this is one of those films that you can't guess what it will be like beforehand, and it's best not to try.

"I mean basically, if you're robbing a man, and you're only carrying blanks, and you allow your gun to be taken off you, and you allow yourself to be shot in the eye with a blank, which I assume the person has to get quite close to you, then...yeah, really it's all your fault for being such a poof."


Pete ( 701 ) · Group: Administrators · Rank: spacer · Posted On: March 16, 2009 at 07:09 PM


I did predict that it might not end so spiffingly well for all concerned, although that was pretty much as soon as you learn about Ray's recent past.

You couldn't have him having a fookin' great time after that. It would be wrong.

Aren't the Asgard supposedly technologically superior?


FullAuto ( 1,042 ) · Group: Administrators · Rank: spacer · Posted On: March 16, 2009 at 07:39 PM


Fiennes is so totally different to any other role I've seen him play, it's great. Sweary gangster really suits him, he's got the fashions down pat, and the psychotic temper ("You fucking retract that bit about my cunt fucking kids!").


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