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Help System:

This should be the first place to look if you have any questions concerning the use of this message board software.

1. Posting Topics / Replies ...

Posting refers to either starting a new topic of conversation, or replying to an existing topic of conversation. To reply, simply click on the 'New Topic' or 'New Post' buttons at the top of the page and enter your message INTO into the form. If you are posting a new topic you will have to include a valid topic title. There are also bbcode buttons and emoticons in place so that you may format the information within your posts. Should you recieve any error messages be sure to go back and view the format of your content to make sure it meets the requirements.

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2. How do I Login / Out?

Logging in:
If you have just registered with this board you may wish to log in and start using your account. This is done by simply clicking the 'logon' link at the top of the screen. You will be prompted to include the username and password you specified during registration. Once the form is filled all that you must do is click the 'Submit' button at the bottom of the form. You MUST have cookies enabled if you wish to logon.

Logging out:
All you must do to log out of your current session is click the 'logoff' link next to your name at the top of the screen. You can do this at any time during your session and all it will do is erase the cookies used by the system to track your activity.

Please note that it is our recommendation that you log off when you are finished browsing if you are on a shared computer.

Lost Password:
If you cannot remember your password you have the option of recieving a new one. To do this you must visit the password recovery screen. Just enter your registered email address and submit the form. The system will then send you an activation link to verify your identiy. Click this link and, if the system verifies ownership of the key, you will be sent a new password that you may change at any time within your user control panel.

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3. What is the User Control Panel?

The user control panel (UCP) allows you to, depending on your permission settings, manage almost every aspect of your account. The UCP is split up into logical groups. Each group allows you to manage a specific part of your profile. To switch among different UCP groups you may click the appropriate section link placed above the main UCP area. Below is a complete listing and explaination of these groups.

This is the initial section of the UCP. It outlines simple account information such as posting and personal note statistics. You may also view a list of topics that you have subscribed to near the bottom of the page. To remove a subscription, simply click the 'remove' link next to each topic title on the list.

This section covers personal public information such as your birthday and geographical location. You may also manage your personal contact information here as well.

The signature editor allows you to edit your personal signature that is placed below each of your postings. This screen is very much like a regular 'new topic' or 'reply' form. You may preview your current or modified signature near the top of the form.

If you are allowed you may, at any time, modify your current account password. To do this you must first know your current password. Enter it INTO the first field, then complete the form by typing your new password and confirming it in the last box. Submit the form and the changes should be complete.

Depending on your web browser's settings you may have to logoff and back on for the changes to take effect.

These settings allow you to personalize your browsing experience. The administrator may have extra language packs or board designs you may choose from. You can also specifiy whether or not you would like to be informed of certain events or recieve emails from other community members.

If you are allowed you may, at any time, modify your current registered email address. To do this you must first know your current password. Enter it INTO the first field, then complete the form by typing your new email address and confirming it in the last box. Submit the form and the changes should be complete.

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4. What are Cookies?

A "Cookie" is the name given to a small piece of information stored on your computer. This information is set by MyTopix™ to remember your member ID and password, last visit times and other preferences. This is not used to collect any other information from you and MyTopix™ will only access the cookies set by itself. No other information can be read from your computer.

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5. Where / How do I Register an Account?

Where to Register:
You may register a new account by clicking the 'register' link near the top of the screen. You will be taken to a form that MUST be filled out completely before submitting.

How to Register:
The link above will take you to a new screen. It will prompt you to enter in a username ( or handle ), password and email. You will also have to confirm these fields to ensure that they have been properly entered. You must also comply with the terms stated in the registration agreement before continuing. When the form is filled out simply press the 'Submit' button and the automated process will do the rest.

If account verification is turned on you will be sent an email message with an account activation link. This may be used as a countermeasure to account spamming or maliscious behavior.

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6. Using the Member List ...

The community member listing area has been put into place so that users have a simple way of searching for and contacting other members. They are sorted alphabetically and the entire list is split into multiple pages, you may also do a custom sort to pin-point certain members if you wish. To do this you should scroll to the bottom of the page to the sorting bar. Just choose your criterion and submit the form.

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7. How do I use Notes?

The notes system was put into place to be used as a personal messenger of sorts. The main notes screen consists of your inbox, which lists all read and unread notes, as well as a form for sending new notes.

Sending a Note:
Sending a note is a relatively simple process. First, you will need to specify a recipient which can be done a variety of ways. You can either just manually type the name in the recipient box, click the 'send note' link within a user's profile or use the member's list and do the same. You will be taken back to the note form and the chosen recipient's name will appear within the recipient box. Next, you will need a note title and finally an actual message which can be typed INTO the main textarea box. When you're ready just click the 'Submit' button and your new note will be sent. ( providing the recipient has thier notes turned 'on', thier inbox isn't full or if they even have permission to use notes )

Replying to a Note:
Replying to a note is just as simple as sending a new one, just click the reply button while reading a note and follow the steps above.

Deleting Notes:
There are two ways of deleting unwanted notes. The first is to delete an individual note, which can be accomplished by simply clicking the 'delete' link in the note display screen. The second allows you to clear your entire inbox of notes. This can be done by clicking the 'empty folder' button on the main notes listing.

Read Status:
Another small feature allows you to set a 'read' note as 'unread'. Just click the status icon of each note within the main inbox listing. If the icon status is 'unread' clicking on it will take you to the message viewing screen.

Please note that this messenging system is a privelage, not a right, and can be revoked by the administrator at any time with or without reason. DO NO abuse this system.

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