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FullAuto | May 7, 2008 at 09:32 AM

Fantastic news!

EA Sports boss Peter Moore has lifted the lid on the new All Play range of Wii software and another new brand titled Freestyle.

The artist formerly known as Microsoft's corporate vice president of interactive entertainment made the announcements at a press event in Vancouver. He spoke about how the games market has evolved, and how his new paymasters plan to exploit the emerging opportunities.

"As we look at the make-up of the new consumer coming in, it's very important to us at EA Sports that we have the ability to have something for them that really allows them to pick up and play and have fun immediately, while at the same time not forgetting our core consumer," Moore observed.

"Our games can be too hard sometimes. And while we have no intention whatsoever in dumbing down the experience we all love and that is driving a multi-billion dollar business for us here at EA Sports, we still have an issue here of approachability."

Hilarious stuff. The last difficult game they made was for the Amiga.

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